[RC5-PROXYPER] avoiding frequent dialouts (build 251)

Friedemann Baitinger baiti at herrenberg.netsurf.de
Mon Dec 22 17:43:36 EST 1997

I used to work for the rc5-56 and I am about to join the 64 bit effort.
I'm trying to setup a personal proxy on my Linux machine but I can't get
it to work in the mode I'd like to and I haven't found any hint in the

The most natural mode of using the personal proxy is (in my opinion) to
let if fetch 1000 blocks and then serve clients without ever connecting
to the real keyserver until a low water mark is reached. Let's assume
the low water mark is 10 blocks, then it should conact the keyserver
when it has no more than 10 blocks left. At this time it should deliver
all completed blocks and then fetch 990 new blocks in order to get
back to the max of 1000.

Unfortunately this mode of operation doesn't seem to be natural for the
developers of the proxy, at least I have not been able to set it up such
that it works as described. (BTW: the rc5-56 personal proxy did support
this configuration).

Is it possible to have it configured as I described it above? If yes,
what would the correct settings for 


I have tried:


But what is the correct setting for 'multiplesubmit'? I can't specify
anything greater than 10 otherwise I get:

        The multiplesubmit is greater than minkeysready

If I set it to 10, then the proxy wants to talk to the keyserver once
it has 10 blocks in the 'done' buffer, surely not what I want.

Friedemann Baitinger           baiti at herrenberg.netsurf.de

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