[RC5-PROXYPER] Blocks limits

Charles W. Hubbard chubbard at owt.com
Mon Dec 22 09:40:13 EST 1997

Fabio Coatti wrote:
> Is there any system to increase the number of blocks that a client can
> request from a proxyper in a single session? I'm running a pp that is used
> by clients that runs unattended for a week and needs a bunch of keys (P II),
> so the user have to request many times the blocks. The limit should be
> around 1000 blocks, as the new client for win can download. (or at least
> configurable by the pp admin...)

I agree with you the client download limit is usless and annoying.  It's
a problem I've been concerned about for some time.  From what I've been
able to gather from the IRC channel and the main mailing list there is
already no limit associated with the Win95/NT pproxies.  I also got the
following message back from rc5help at distributed.net in regard to the 50
block limit on the BSDI pproxy

"it's been removed, the next (259) release of the proxypers lets clients
download without the 50 block limit."

No word on the next release might be though.  We are anxiously waiting
for it!


Charlie Hubbard
Tri-Cities RC5-64 Community Cracking Effort
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