[RC5-PROXYPER] Proxy log files owned by root?

Richard Higson higson at opa.gt.owl.de
Mon Dec 22 20:32:49 EST 1997

origionaly from Peter Dreuw
> > :day.  If I stop the proxy server, delete the old log file owned by root,
> > :then restart the proxy server, the new one is owned by rc5.rc5 which is
> > :exactly what I want.
> > :
> > :Ideas?
> >     It sounds as if you are loading it in a rc file...
> Try something like
>  su rc5 -c /path/to/your/rc5/proxy
I use this incantation from /etc/inittab on several Linux boxes
in case it just dies or whatever.
rc:23:respawn:/bin/su - rc564 -c "cd rc56401 ; ./rc564 " >/dev/null
where rc564 is a userid with no login-rights
I also have a similar invocation for the proxy on THAT box.

The main advantage is that they will restart if killed, or if the machine dies.

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you do it."  --Mahatma Gandhi
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