[RC5-PROXYPER] ppbuffin.rc5, logfilekeyblock vs logfileconsole, log rotation, ma xkeysdone

Dave Hart davehart at microsoft.com
Tue Dec 23 12:18:38 EST 1997

Just delete the ppbuffin.rc5 from the GUI proxy, or save it as memorabelia.
The blocks will get reassigned eventually.  Flush any out blocks using the
GUI proxy and don't run it again.    I think I remember having the same
problem when I switched but it was so long ago.  The format must have been
different for the GUI proxy, which was based on different code.  The latest
builds for Win32 use the same code as the unix proxies.  So will the
DESII-enabled proxies.

logfilekeyblock= is the same as the old logfile=, that is it logs completed
keys.  logfileconsole= lets you log all the output you see on screen, handy
for service or daemon runs or remote administration.  

******************* NOTE *******************
logfilerotation= is a bug in the .INI file, sorry about that, it's now
called logfilekeyblockrotation=.  If you want the GUI one-big-log behavior,


similarly logfileconsolerotation= is available.

Also note that [keyserver] multiplesubmit= is no longer used, instead
there's [options] maxkeysdone=.  maxkeysdone is the threshold for blocks in
ppbuffout.rc5 before a server connection is initiated.  minkeysready is
still the other threshold.  So if you use dial-on-demand and only want to
connect every 500 blocks, use minkeysready=500, maxkeysready=1000,

It is true that the 50-block client download limit per connection has been
removed, and also the limit for maxkeysready was raised to 10000.  Get your
261 proxy today!
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