[RC5-PROXYPER] New proxy options

Tom Marshall tommym at owt.com
Tue Dec 23 23:39:45 EST 1997

I just setup the new pproxy for BSDI dated 12/22/97 (v261).  It's got
quite a few more options than the old one (v251).  Can someone clarify a
few of these so that I have them straight?

[options]/ipaddress: The example says to put your machine's IP address
here.  I commented it out because I figured the default would figure out
the machine's IP on its own, and the option wasn't needed in the old ini
file.  In any case, the reporting IP address is of no concern to me or
my team so long as the respective emails and our team get their due

[options]/logfilerotation: I gather that this controls the frequency
that the proxy closes a log and opens a new one.  I've got mine set to
daily and I hope the behavior is the same as before.  I'm getting logs
with the suffix DDMMYY.log which is what I want.  Out of curiosity, what
do the filenames look like if this is set to one of the other options? 
Does the hourly option use a suffix of HHDDMMYY.log, and so forth?  The
year is a new addition to the log filenames.  I was wondering about that
little problem.  Now why they didn't include a full 4 digits,
*especially* with all the y2k media hoopla, is just beyond me.  Maybe
we're seeing some optimism showing through?  ;-)

[options]/logfileverbosity: This applies only to the console log, I

Most importantly to my team, has the 50 block client d/l limit been
removed in this proxy?  I haven't seen the phenomenon personally, but
several people on my team have reported the problem and have been quite
concerned about it.  I have no choice but to shrug my shoulders and say,
"I dunno what the problem is".


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