[RC5-PROXYPER] New proxy options

Lester Igo igo921 at uidaho.edu
Wed Dec 24 02:12:58 EST 1997

On Tue, 23 Dec 1997, Tom Marshall wrote:

> I just setup the new pproxy for BSDI dated 12/22/97 (v261).  It's got
> quite a few more options than the old one (v251).  Can someone clarify a
> few of these so that I have them straight?

I have no answers for your questions but a couple of my own.

The forceemail is gone from the documentation, does it still work?  I see
that the log files now log the submitting email even if this is specified,
this is good, but would like to verify that this is still a functional
Many features look better with the new version and it seems to service
clients much nicer, but more will show with time.

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