[RC5-PROXYPER] win proxy, missing dll

Henry W Miller mill0440 at gold.tc.umn.edu
Wed Dec 24 09:33:41 EST 1997

I tried upgrading from the win95 personal proxy 2513 to 261.  (I don't
know if I need to, but I tried) and I get "A required DLL file, MSVCRT.DLL
was not found"  Where can I get this, apparently it isn't inclded in
either win95, or in the proxy distribution.  

Also, I've heard rumors that with this proxy I will no longer be able to
chain proxys, is this true?  If not I won't try upgrading, since I need to
chain proxies to get through a firewall.  (accually routing is not setup
normally behind the firewall, I can get around that problem, but only with
static routes, if my choosen proxy goes down I lose connection)  I prefer
to send things to a more normaly connected machine on the company network,
and have that machine deal with proxies and their rotating ip addresses.

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