[RC5-PROXYPER] win proxy, missing dll

Lester Igo igo921 at uidaho.edu
Wed Dec 24 08:37:49 EST 1997

On Wed, 24 Dec 1997, Henry W Miller wrote:

> I tried upgrading from the win95 personal proxy 2513 to 261.  (I don't
> know if I need to, but I tried) and I get "A required DLL file, MSVCRT.DLL
> was not found"  Where can I get this, apparently it isn't inclded in
> either win95, or in the proxy distribution.  

I don't use the windows proxy but, this is a Visual C++ DLL.  Many
programs install different versions, I would advise getting the one that
it was compiled with and placing it in the working directory.

> Also, I've heard rumors that with this proxy I will no longer be able to
> chain proxys, is this true?  If not I won't try upgrading, since I need to
> chain proxies to get through a firewall.  (accually routing is not setup
> normally behind the firewall, I can get around that problem, but only with
> static routes, if my choosen proxy goes down I lose connection)  I prefer
> to send things to a more normaly connected machine on the company network,
> and have that machine deal with proxies and their rotating ip addresses.

Sounds like an ugly problem, good luck.

You might also look at products like ssh that do port level forwarding.

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