[RC5-PROXYPER] SYS3171 (Was Re: Personal Proxy times)

Mick Stock mzs at eastwood.apana.org.au
Sat Dec 27 19:55:41 EST 1997

On Sat, 27 Dec 1997, Earl Crowder wrote:

> Mick,
> Get the latest version.  Build 261.  If you still have problems,
> let me know.   Some things have changed in the ini file, take a
> look at it first, and check the readme.
> Earl

Thanks for the quick reply, Earl.

I grabbed the newer version (rc5proxyper-v2b261-os2), and it does solve
the time problem.  Unfortunately, there is a new problem, which is fatal!. 
The proxy starts, displays about a screen full of startup messages, then
terminates with a SYS3171. I've tried several times, but get the same
result each time. The OS2POPUP.LOG file shows the following: 

12-27-1997  20:27:25  SYS3171  PID 00df  TID 0001  Slot 00a8
P1=00000001  P2=0004fffc  P3=XXXXXXXX  P4=XXXXXXXX          
EAX=00050410  EBX=00050000  ECX=0000150b  EDX=00000001      
ESI=00000000  EDI=00000000                                  
DS=0053  DSACC=d0f3  DSLIM=1fffffff                         
ES=0053  ESACC=d0f3  ESLIM=1fffffff                         
FS=150b  FSACC=00f3  FSLIM=00000030                         
GS=0000  GSACC=****  GSLIM=********                         
CS:EIP=005b:1bf98315  CSACC=d0df  CSLIM=1fffffff            
SS:ESP=0053:0004ffc8  SSACC=d0f3  SSLIM=1fffffff            
EBP=000500c8  FLG=00012202                                  
RC5PROXY.EXE 0001:0000ff23                                  

The only thing that I changed in the file rc5proxy.ini was:


I've gone back to the older version & will put up with the time error
until the SYS3171 problem can be resolved.


> On Sat, 27 Dec 1997 18:03:55 +1100 (EST), Mick Stock wrote:
> >Merry Xma & a happy new year at all!
> >
> >This has probably been mentioned by someone else before, but it isn't
> >specifically mentoned in the FAQs:
> >
> >I'm currently running rc564 on 3 systems (2 linux & an os/2 warp 4).
> >The logs for each system show correct time (gmt).  I've started to run a
> >personal proxy to solve a few network-related problems.  Everything is
> >working perfectly EXCEPT that the proxy's log shows totally incorrect
> >times!  For example, it is showing the current time as:
> >
> >    12/27/97 23:45:41 GMT.   THIS IS WRONG!!!!
> >Actual LOCAL time was 12/27/97 18:45:41 AEDT, which is
> >    12/27/97 07:45:41 GMT.~
> >
> >To me, it looks like the proxy's TZ is hard coded internally to set the
> >timezone as gmt-5.... no amount of changing the local TZ variable makes
> >any difference at all! 
> >
> >I'm running the most recent proxy - rc5proxyper-v2b253-os2-x86.zip.
> >
> >Any ideas on how I can get the log to show the correct time?
> >
> >Mick.
> >
> >p.s. Distributed.net/RC5 says that version rc56403-320 OS/2 client is
> >available, but the only one I found as rc56403-295-os2-x86.zip....
> >

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