[RC5-PROXYPER] win95 proxy help needed

WINKELMANS Gunther Gunther.WINKELMANS at is.belgacom.be
Tue Dec 30 09:14:50 EST 1997


I'm trying to set up the win95 proxy on a PC in the office-LAN.

The PC runs win95 and has internet-access, but only through a special 
firewall-address (found in the Netscape-settings).

For instance, when running the *client* on this PC I have to change the 
"Network Communication Mode" (firemode) to 4 and also change the "Local 
HTTP Proxy Address" and  "Port" (httpproxy and httpport).

Unfortunately, I don't see where or how to change these settings in the 

The win95 proxy GUI only provides and entry for the keyserver address and 
port I want to use.
Do I have to add these parameters by myself in the ini? Is there an option 
in the win95 setup to tell the computer that all communications have to 
pass through the firewall?


Happy holidays,
gunther.winkelmans at is.belgacom.be

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