[RC5-PROXYPER] proxy for private net

chasb at kukla.tiac.net chasb at kukla.tiac.net
Wed Dec 31 00:27:24 EST 1997

Hi All -

	I have three machines here running rc564.  One of them has a
real IP address that it uses for a PPP connection to the 'net.  All of
them have bogus (192.128.*.*) addresses that they use for talking to
each other on the house ethernet.

	When I configure proxyper (UNIX) with the IP address used on
the PPP line, I can get the proxy exchange key blocks with the project
Bovine servers but my ethernet systems do not have a route to that
address.  When I configure proxyper to use my internal address, the
clients can talk to it but it times out (duh!) on attempts to talk
to the keyservers.

	Can the proxy be configured with multiple addresses?

Thanks in Advance,

Charles C. Bennett, Jr. <ccb at acm.org>
UNIX Tools, OO Development, Project Management
  Free Encryption Software!    http://web.mit.edu/network/pgp.html

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