[RC5-PROXYPER] proxy for private net

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Tue Dec 30 22:03:14 EST 1997

At 09:27 PM 12/30/97 , chasb at kukla.tiac.net wrote:
>	When I configure proxyper (UNIX) with the IP address used on
>the PPP line, I can get the proxy exchange key blocks with the project
>Bovine servers but my ethernet systems do not have a route to that
>address.  When I configure proxyper to use my internal address, the
>clients can talk to it but it times out (duh!) on attempts to talk
>to the keyservers.
>	Can the proxy be configured with multiple addresses?

If you want the proxy to not specifically bind to a single address, do not
specify the [options]/ipaddress value.

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