[RC5-PROXYPER] Randomprefix Info?

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Wed Dec 31 16:55:37 EST 1997

At 08:32 AM 12/31/97 , Charles W. Hubbard wrote:
>A couple of days ago I was told by a few people on IRC that the clients
>should be assigning random blocks out of segment 0x65. My client .ini
>file showed randomprefix=100 (0x64).  I was told it was out of date and
>I should change it to 101.  I did.  My team did.  But now random blocks
>are assigned out of segment 0x66!  I was told today (by Nugget) that the
>randomprefix field is set/updated automatically each time the client
>connects to a proxy and SHOULD NOT be manually changed EVER.
>So my question is:  All of my machines report through a pproxy. My
>randomprefix field is still set to 101 even after several pproxy
>transactions. Do the pproxies NOT pass down the randomblock prefix

The randomprefix should not be changed.  The v2.6403 clients will
automatically generate random keys out of the keyrange (randomprefix+1).
However, you should be striving to not generate random keys and work on
getting your clients processing real blocks obtained from the keyservers.
Random number generation used in the clients is by no means a sound method
of utilizing clients for long duration due to the nature of pseudo-random
number generators.

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