[RC5-PROXYPER] Unix Proxy and Http requests.

Bruce Campbell bc at thehub.com.au
Fri Apr 24 20:07:28 EDT 1998

Version 2.77b linux x86

The personal proxy is running on the same machine as one of my web
proxies.  When one of the machines on the internal network submits a key
via http through the firewall, I see such things as:

squid log: firewall.ip POST http://rc5proxy.ip:2064/cgi-bin/rc5.cgi -
rc5des log: rc5proxy.ip: Client requesting communication  

Thinking about it, as far as the rc5proxy is concerned, its handling just
another client who happens to be on the same IP address.  Hence the

Is there any way to determine *how* the client is requesting keys, ie
directly or via http or via little green men? ;)

And the next question, how much of a load can the personal proxies handle
without being noticeable (at least on inhell hardware).

At the moment I've got it ticking away at about 1Mkeys/sec handling blocks
from our internal inhell machines and the cafe macintoshes.  I'm trying to
convince a friend to let me run it on about 50 or so O2s which I'd say
would be a good deal faster (heh).


Slightly amused at seeing that his macs credit a block every so often to
the author of the mac client ;)

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