[RC5-PROXYPER] PProxy Config. Buffer size > 10k, please?

Douglas W. Johnson finson at whidbey.com
Wed Aug 5 20:55:03 EDT 1998


The way I get my NT pproxy to update at the same time each day is that I log
on to the net at the same time each day and then press control-break.  :)

After a few exchanges here on the list and some mail with Mike Silbersack, I
think that's the best you can do with NT right now (but I'm not an expert).
I don't have that many clients so I don't have the problem of exhausting the

Mike says that they will look into adding the capability to send signals to
the pproxy running as a service, which should work pretty nicely.

As you suggest, I'm also working on getting a Linux box I can use as the
pproxy server, and get around these issues altogether.

Doug Johnson
finson at whidbey.com

-----Original Message-----
From: William Scott Lockwood III <wsl3 at home.com>
>Thanks for all the good advice.  I may just setup a Linux box to act as the
>server.  Right now, I'm using 279 under Win32...
>Scott Lockwood

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