[CODERS] problem with proxy for Linux (the 7/15/98 version)

Folkert van Heusden flok99 at dds.nl
Fri Aug 14 00:16:39 EDT 1998

(Since I'm also sending this one to the proxy-mailinglist; could those people please
also reply to me via e-mail and not via the list? I don't have the proxy-list (too much
extra e-mail per day))

Got a problem with the proxy for Linux:
- you explicitly have to enter your IP-address in the configuration-file; otherwise it
	won't listen to the correct adapter (it will listen to and because of
	that won't be able to accept connections)
- it seems to ignore `kill -HUP'; the keys stay in the output-file, and won't be
	sended (have to send them by hand now (setting that line in configfile to
	1) which is a real pain since I wanted to send them automatically twice
	a day)

Also; it would be nice if an inetd-version of the proxy came out so that I could shield it (sort of) with the hosts.allow/.deny etc.

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