[RC5-PROXYPER] re: proxy stopped f&f

Diggs, Steve Diggs at gateway.daugherty.com
Wed Aug 19 10:40:17 EDT 1998

Tks for the response, Gunther. Since I had not gotten any mail from the PROXYPER
listserver for a while, I was wondering if it still worked.
Hopefully, I'll get some help soon.
Steve Diggs, W4EPI

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I haven't received any response either, guess everybody else is still on 

Luckily I found the answer to my question myself (see below).
Changing the keyserver to euro23... on port 23 did the trick. My pp is back 
in the game since monday 10th of august.

Best Regards,
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My win95 v 279b proxy has ran out of blocks, and I have no idea what to do:
[08/07/98 06:42:25 GMT] rc564 r=0/1500, d=438/10, des r=116/100, d=0/5

On wednesday, it fetched and flushed blocks for the last time until now:
[08/05/98 21:12:32 GMT] rc564 r=1496/1500, d=10/10, des r=116/100, d=0/5
[08/05/98 21:13:32 GMT] rc564 r=1536/1500, d=0/10, des r=116/100, d=0/5

I haven't changed the ini, it has been running happily every day since 

Upgrading to v 280 and starting with empty buffers didn't help. Changing 
the keyserver didn't help. Besides, on the proxy status page at d.net 
everything seems OK.

The win95 v2.7100.412 client which is running on the same PC as the proxy 
had no problem getting new blocks this morning.

Any ideas?
If somebody else has this same problem then perhaps it has nothing to do 
with the LAN I'm working on?


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