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> This is probably exactly what you just said that you don't like doing
> but on our system I use the pproxy configuration file hook that runs a
> script when the logs are rolled.  The script is a perl deal with an
> interface to the Postgres database. It parses the log records, combines
> them into summary records and inserts them into our database. Every few
> minutes other perl scripts run, query the database, parse the current
> proxy log and generate our web pages. Beyond the 'log roll' hook I don't
> know of any others.

Hrm. That's pretty much what I'm doing now. But it would be really nice if
the proxy were to dump an entry right into a database instead of a log file.
I can't imagine that this would require TOO much coding. This would allow
for the databases to be current, something that would be difficult with
shell scripts. 


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