[PROXYPER] Proxy needs Telnet session!

Rocko Mario.Hirth at jk.uni-linz.ac.at
Tue Dec 8 14:24:35 EST 1998

Hi folks, back again!
The problem with my Proxy is still up to date, but it has massively
Well, I still get this error-Message if I try to update my clients, no
matter on which PC-Station I try to (exept the one, the proxy runs!).
The courage is: it works fine if I open a telnet session to the proxys
Any hints whats wrong???

thx & bye: Rocko!

PS.: Has anybody a solution, how to send the >kill -SIGHUP< Signal out
of a Script, to automate updating if I'm dialed in?
My problem is to extract the pid-number out of the pid-file, or does the
proxy automatic updating if I'm dialed up (this would solve the problem
where my just finnished blocks are)
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