[PROXYPER] proxy connections

Eivind Bengtsson eivind at bengtsson.dk
Tue Dec 8 21:29:34 EST 1998

I have a question concerning the time between connections from my
personal proxy to the above proxy's..

The case isas follows:

I have a Windows NT machine running as a file-server - it also runs my
personal proxy as a service.
My Linux-box is working as a dial-upmachine and gateway for the rest of
my machines - running windows 95 and Linux (All running the client of
course)  :-)

This is not a problem - The problem is that my proxy apparently refuses
to respond when my clients are trying to get a connection, unless the
dial-up macine has been online within the last 4-5 hours and the proxy
thereby has had a connection to one of the above proxies

Why is that ?
Does a personel proxy really need to be online (at least 5 times a day)
to recieve blocs?
Is there a workaruond, or is at a bug??

I will be most gratefull for anwers or help
See attached file for proxy-.ini file....

-The box said "Windows NT or better" - so I installed Linux....

/Eivind Bengtsson

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