[PROXYPER] Why doesn't proxy write competed blocks to di...

Petr Novotny Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
Wed Dec 9 10:07:21 EST 1998

> 20 minutes is far too long! The readme.txt included with v280 of the
> win95 proxy advises "a couple of minutes" maximum:
> [KeyServer]/workperiod: determines the minimum delay (in seconds)
> between sequential attempted network connections to the keyserver.
> This value should typically *not* be adjusted to more than a couple
> of minutes.  Doing so may cause your proxy to run out of keyblocks
> if you are serving a lot of fast machines!

Now come on! I have just a few machines, and the server is offline 
most of the time anyway; there's no need for proxy to do anything 
besides serving clients - I kill -SIGHUP it after connection to outer 
world is established. Workperiod of 10 sec means a few hundred 
kilobytes of logfile - certainly not an option on this machine!

Perhaps I don't understand what workperiod means - I thought it is 
how often the proxy decides if it wants to connect to master proxy.
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