[PROXYPER] ppbuffin files

Carl Johnstone rc5 at fadetoblack.demon.co.uk
Fri Dec 11 15:00:57 EST 1998

>1) for the ppbuffin.rc5: Make the proxy run out of blocks, e.g. by
>a wrong parent proxy id or by setting the timeout value high enough. Then
>shut down the proxy, move the proxy to the 'right' location and restart the
>proxy. Repeat this when these blocks are done, too. But now restart the
>proxy with the correct internet connection settings again.

Thanks this worked - although I modified it slightly - I set it to a
non-existant keyserver, then modified a client so it requested more blocks
than were in the proxies cache. I shut down the proxy replace ppbuffin with
a "full" file, and repeated the above exercise. When I'd fully cleared them
all I reset the settings for the client and proxy. All sorted in about 10

Thanks again

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