[PROXYPER] ppstats v5.0 for rc5 and des

Kevin Pesce kpesce at maine.rr.com
Sun Dec 13 09:26:43 EST 1998

Hello, just wanted to let everyone know ppstats v5.0 is out for the rc5
and des contests. Version 5.0 adds some new features, including the
ability to read from compressed log files - very handy to keep your logs
from growing out of control. This will definately be the last major 
release for quite a while, so get it while it's hot.

Sample output and the full GNU Perl source code and be found at:
http://usmcug.usm.maine.edu/rc5/stats/    - For Bovine RC5-64
http://usmcug.usm.maine.edu/des/stats/    - For Monarch DES-II

Feature List:
- Distributed.Net Personal Proxy log file analyzer.
- Full GNU GPL source code available.
- W3C HTML 4.0 Transitional partially compliant.
- Basic Cascading Style Sheet use for all html files.
- META tag support for search engines and automatic page refreshing.
- Ability to read compressed log files.
- Several different styles of graphs, including GIF based GNUplot
  charts, are available to choose from. Expanded team statistics.
- Statistics reported by Email, Host, CPU, OS, Client Version,
  Full Detail, Date, Week, Month, Year, and Day of Week.
- Expanded individual pages for Email and Hostnames including statistics
  on percent of keyspace completed, and percent of team totals.
- Links to external Distributed.Net web pages.
- Advanced user defined hostname consolidation.
- DNS hostname caching. Useful for teams with a large IP base.
- Last Seen time differences for emails and hostnames.
- Hosts to email, and email to hosts stats.
- And much more!

Comments and suggestions welcome.
Kevin Pesce
kpesce at hotmail.com

 Kevin M. Pesce
 University of Southern Maine Computer Users Group
 mailto:kpesce at hotmail.com

 "Dijkstra probably hates me." (Linus Torvalds, in kernel/sched.c)

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