[PROXYPER] Proxy readme

DHSinclair dx7 at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 15 14:02:07 EST 1998

I'm having some trouble comprehending what the personal proxy readme.txt file
says about the log file status reported by the proxy and what the v280 proxy is
actually reporting in the log file. I have "verbosity" set to 255 (default).
The readme.txt file defines proxy status as:

[console]/consoleverbosity: control verbosity of the console log output.
This option is a bitmask, choose which logging options you want and add
them together to specify log verbosity.  0 gives no logging, 255 full
1   : Keyblock info (downstream client communications)
2   : Upstream keyserver communications
4   : GMT time display
8   : keybuffer status (Flushing messages, etc.)
16  : general logging (Status: Slot X LISTENING, and others)
32  : statistics (ready=X/X, done=X, Xd XX:XX:XX, X.X Mkeys/sec)
64  : reserved for future use
128 : reserved for future use

My conlog shows the following for one work period (questions are between the

[12/15/98 21:39:11 GMT] Status: Slot 0 LISTENING
... how many "slots" are there? Where does the proxy log them?
[12/15/98 21:39:11 GMT] Flushing in-buff to disk.
[12/15/98 21:39:11 GMT] Flushing out-buff to disk.
[12/15/98 21:39:11 GMT] Flush took 0 sec.  Next flush in 1 work periods
[12/15/98 21:40:12 GMT] rc564 r=178/165, d=4/85, des r=0/750, d=0/200
... pbuff-in current total/threshold, pbuff-out complete/threshold, 
same for des ??
[12/15/98 21:40:12 GMT] 1d 14:27:10, 2.5 rc5 Mkeys/sec 0.0 des Mkeys/sec
[12/15/98 21:40:12 GMT] cml. RC5 1499, 2.9 Mkeys/sec, DES 0, 0.0 Mkeys/sec
[12/15/98 21:40:12 GMT] Status: Slot 0 LISTENING

Thanks for your indulgence if these questions are novice. I am one in this
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