[PROXYPER] RC5 Proxy Analyzer 4.3

Mark Renfer mri at netsec.ch
Wed Dec 16 12:31:36 EST 1998

Hi folks!

RC5 Proxy Analyzer 4.3 is out and ready for download.

-> www.netsec.ch

Most of your suggestions have been implemented. The
major additions since 4.0 are:

- list of machines that didn't report in the last 24 hours
- manual scaling of keyrate graph
- OS / CPU graphs
- OS / CPU percentage numbers
- average mark for keyrate graph
- Top 20 graph

Some minor optimizations were done, too.

Please drop a note if you use the analyzer. If
enough people are interested, we will put some
work into a DES version.

Have fun!

Greetings,       Mark

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