[PROXYPER] RC5 Proxy Analyzer 4.3

Twilight Twilight at clear.net.nz
Thu Dec 17 10:24:07 EST 1998

I've downloaded and tried the new verion, and it's great! Once question, the
pc's which haven't reported in within the last 24 hours, does that include
all computers which have ever connected to the personal proxy? eg if I had a
pc connect 6 months ago and never again, will that ip address show up as not
reported in?

Tyler Rosolowski

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Hi folks!

RC5 Proxy Analyzer 4.3 is out and ready for download.

-> www.netsec.ch

Most of your suggestions have been implemented. The
major additions since 4.0 are:

- list of machines that didn't report in the last 24 hours
- manual scaling of keyrate graph
- OS / CPU graphs
- OS / CPU percentage numbers
- average mark for keyrate graph
- Top 20 graph

Some minor optimizations were done, too.

Please drop a note if you use the analyzer. If
enough people are interested, we will put some
work into a DES version.

Have fun!

Greetings,       Mark

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