[PROXYPER] RC5 Proxy Analyzer 4.3 questions

Mark Renfer mri at netsec.ch
Thu Dec 17 00:06:39 EST 1998

Some questions about RC5 Analyzer and their answers:

>I've downloaded and tried the new verion, and it's great! One question, the
>pc's which haven't reported in within the last 24 hours, does that include
>all computers which have ever connected to the personal proxy? eg if I had
>pc connect 6 months ago and never again, will that ip address show up as
>reported in?

Yes, every machine that once reported to the proxy but not in the
last 24 hours or longer appears in the "Asleep" list.

>How is the overall keyrate of a single machine calculated?

It's the average keyrate of the machine during the period of
its activity, NOT the average during the whole working period.
Thus, if a machine reports one block, then works on something
different for a month, then resumes RC5 and reports another block,
the average will be calculated like this: 2 blocks in 1 month. If the
same machine had reported the two blocks within a few minutes,
the overall keyrate of that machine would be much higher.
Thus, if a machine is working all the time mainly on RC5, the
overall keyrate of this machine will be very close to the maximum
keyrate of that machine.

This information helps you check on your machines. If they have
no heavy processes, just office work etc., their overall keyrate
should be near their expected keyrate. If they are for example
workstations in a students lab, they may get some heavy load
during the courses for rendering, mathematics or wathever
tasks, but at night, they can work on RC5. By looking at the
overall keyrate of a machine, you can tell how much of its
processing power is used by regular users and how much is
wasted/left for RC5. If your logs span weeks or months, this
can be very interesting.

>may I suggest that you add a statement to the next announcement
>indicating that the analyzer only runs on windows platform? Or did I
>miss something? I could use an analyzer that runs on Linux.

Sorry, it was on the announcements of the first Analyzer versions, but
not on the recent ones. RC5 Proxy Analyzer runs only on Win32
platforms: Win95, Win98, NT. But it can analyze the logfiles of both
Win32 an Unix proxies which differ slightly. If your proxy runs on a
Linux machine, just mount a share on a Windows machine (smbmount)
or vice versa and let the proxy write its logs to a shared directory.
We used this setup in a corporate LAN for month, no problems.

We have machines from SGI, Sun, Digital, Apple, HP, NeXT, etc.,
but the best choice for the analyzer was Win32, since almost
everybody that runs a personal proxy has access to some
Win32 machine. Every other platform would have excluded the
majority of interested people. And, as said before, you don't have
to run the proxy on Win32.

>How about implementing a 'keyspace checked' option too??
>It wouldn't need to do a keyspace plot, but just a % of each keyspace
>your machines have checked...

We have added this feature, since many people asked for it. Just
hover the cursor over the "Blocks done" number. The percentage
of the keyspace done by your system is displayed. Normal values
are displayed with leading zeros, very, very (!) small values are
displayed floating point (E-xx).

The new version 4.31 differs in no other way from 4.3. If you think
you really want to see how much ;-) you have done, grab it at our
web site.

Greetings,       Mark

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