[PROXYPER] issue with Pproxy not giving out all the blocks

Patrick rc5 at smalnet.ch
Fri Dec 18 03:41:11 EST 1998


i've got a problem with the Pproxy not giving out all his blocks when net
connection fails
settings are :


8 machines are behing this Pproxy and Pproxy has a leased line to the net
when line goes down (rarely, but it happened 3 days ago) , the Pproxy buffer
runs dry rather quickly, Lan is doing about 4000-5000 Kkeys/s, but pproxy
stop giving blocks when there are still 21 blocks left in the buffer !!!

there is an other exemple (an other LAN) of this behaviour too, so i'm not
alone in this case
i've checked and rechecked everything, TCP/IP is fine, all seem fine ,
Pproxy runs ok, while offline it gives out blocks from 100 in the buff-in
down to 21 in the buff-in then it just stop giving blocks  :(   buff-out in
the meantime has gone up to 105 blocks and stoped taking blocks at the same
time, even thou clients were generating random.
So Pproxy just sits there with 21 blocks ready and 105 block done. for 4
hours. not giving even an idybidy 2^28 block :(
when NET connection was back up, it worked fine.

is there a setting i've missed ? something i should have done ?
or is this normal behaviour ?
how can this be explained ?


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