[PROXYPER] issue with Pproxy not giving out all the blocks

Petr Novotny Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
Fri Dec 18 10:08:00 EST 1998

> i've got a problem with the Pproxy not giving out all his blocks
> when net connection fails settings are :
> maxkeysready=100
> minkeysready=50
> maxkeysdone=10
> 8 machines are behing this Pproxy and Pproxy has a leased line to
> the net when line goes down (rarely, but it happened 3 days ago) ,
> the Pproxy buffer runs dry rather quickly, Lan is doing about
> 4000-5000 Kkeys/s, but pproxy stop giving blocks when there are
> still 21 blocks left in the buffer !!!
> there is an other exemple (an other LAN) of this behaviour too, so
> i'm not alone in this case i've checked and rechecked everything,
> TCP/IP is fine, all seem fine , Pproxy runs ok, while offline it
> gives out blocks from 100 in the buff-in down to 21 in the buff-in
> then it just stop giving blocks  :(   buff-out in the meantime has
> gone up to 105 blocks and stoped taking blocks at the same time,
> even thou clients were generating random. So Pproxy just sits there
> with 21 blocks ready and 105 block done. for 4 hours. not giving
> even an idybidy 2^28 block :( when NET connection was back up, it
> worked fine.
> is there a setting i've missed ? something i should have done ? or
> is this normal behaviour ? how can this be explained ?

I've seen it and I've tried to report it - but to no avail, nothing 
was ever fixed. I think the problem is that when you're offline, 
DNS resolution doesn't work; the proxy is "busy" trying to resolve 
to the IP address of the master proxy and it stops responding to the 
clients. I would like to see that problem fixed too. [And in my case 
- using caching-only DNS - the problem starts as soon as the DNS 
records for the master proxy expire, named starts looking for master 
DNS servers and doesn't respond till it times out.]
Petr Novotny, ANTEK CS
Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
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