[PROXYPER] issue with Pproxy not giving out all the blocks

MichaelKjörling admin at gandp.pp.se
Fri Dec 18 11:12:45 EST 1998

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At 11:08 1998-12-18 , you wrote:
>I've seen it and I've tried to report it - but to no avail, nothing 
>was ever fixed. I think the problem is that when you're offline, 
>DNS resolution doesn't work; the proxy is "busy" trying to resolve 
>to the IP address of the master proxy and it stops responding to the 
>clients. I would like to see that problem fixed too. [And in my case 
>- using caching-only DNS - the problem starts as soon as the DNS 
>records for the master proxy expire, named starts looking for master 
>DNS servers and doesn't respond till it times out.]

If that's the deal, I would give the proxy the IP address (not DNS name) for
the master proxy. You can get it by simply PINGing the master proxy's server
name. Most Ping programs will then report the IP address.

In any case, I would increase the buffer sizes if your LAN is doing about 4-5
Mkeys/sec. Try doubling the buffer sizes, it would probably help alot.

Btw, isn't there a "Timeout" setting somewhere?

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