[PROXYPER] issue with Pproxy not giving out all the blocks

Petr Novotny Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
Fri Dec 18 16:26:43 EST 1998

> If that's the deal, I would give the proxy the IP address (not DNS
> name) for the master proxy. You can get it by simply PINGing the
> master proxy's server name. Most Ping programs will then report the
> IP address.

Yes - but if that specific proxy is offline, I'm screwed. I thought
the round-robin addresses should be used...

> In any case, I would increase the buffer sizes if your LAN is doing
> about 4-5 Mkeys/sec. Try doubling the buffer sizes, it would
> probably help alot.

In my case, the problem is not the buff-in size (I have 
two-days-worth of blocks in my buff-in and still the proxy does not 
hand out the blocks) but buff-out (after three hours the buff-out is 
full, proxy starts attempting flushes and stops serving clients.

> Btw, isn't there a "Timeout" setting somewhere?

Where? If you mean in the proxy's ini file, it is a timeout for 
connections, not for DNS queries (correct me if I'm wrong).
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