[PROXYPER] issue with Pproxy not giving out all the blocks

DHSinclair dx7 at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 18 11:20:20 EST 1998

  Thanks for the information. I'm going to try your workperiod tip. I'm having
problems with one proxy and 4 clients on my LAN. I use no DNS; just a fast hub
and 4 fast NICs.
  Without a constant network connection, the proxy does not appear to service
the 4 clients correctly. Within 60 minutes of shutting off the modem connection
to the web, the clients begin declaring network errors to/for the proxy. The
proxy just sits there as if nothing is wrong (other that it can not connect to
a DNet round robin), but it does stop passing out keys to valid client
requests. The net result is that the whole LAN crashes with all four machines
"locked up" and no longer communicating.

| From: Jay Berg <jberg at phc.net>
| To: proxyper at lists.distributed.net
| Subject: Re: [PROXYPER] issue with Pproxy not giving out all the blocks
| Date: Friday, December 18, 1998 07:39
| On my home network (2 systems), I have a dial-up connection to the Internet
| on one of the systems. On that system, I run a Pproxy that connects to my
| main Pproxy at my office. The dial-up connection is sporadic, 1-2 times a
| day. I have both systems running rc5 and talking to a Pproxy on the gateway
| system.
| The Pproxy is set to talk to the Pproxy at the office via a numeric IP
| address of the office Pproxy system. At first, I found the Pproxy was using
| 90% of the system resources when the dial-up line was disconnected. I then
| set the "workperiod" setting to 300 (5 minutes). This caused the Pproxy to
| only try to connect once every 5 minutes and the CPU utilization went back
| to normal. I assume this was due to the timeout on connection attempts
| taking longer than the normal workperiod value.
| The result is that the two rc5 clients have a local Pproxy to service both
| systems and that the Pproxy automatically performs the up/downloading when
| the gateway dial-up is connected. Neither rc5 client is ever kept waiting
| for a connection and the Pproxy handles the disconnections from the Internet
| without a glitch.
| I'd recommend you use a numeric IP value and an increased "workperiod"
| value. That should take care of your problem(s).
|     Jay
|     jberg at phc.net
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| From: Petr Novotny <Petr.Novotny at antek.cz>
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| Date: Friday, December 18, 1998 7:30 AM
| Subject: Re: [PROXYPER] issue with Pproxy not giving out all the blocks
| > If that's the deal, I would give the proxy the IP address (not DNS
| > name) for the master proxy. You can get it by simply PINGing the
| > master proxy's server name. Most Ping programs will then report the
| > IP address.
| Yes - but if that specific proxy is offline, I'm screwed. I thought
| the round-robin addresses should be used...
| > In any case, I would increase the buffer sizes if your LAN is doing
| > about 4-5 Mkeys/sec. Try doubling the buffer sizes, it would
| > probably help alot.
| In my case, the problem is not the buff-in size (I have
| two-days-worth of blocks in my buff-in and still the proxy does not
| hand out the blocks) but buff-out (after three hours the buff-out is
| full, proxy starts attempting flushes and stops serving clients.
| > Btw, isn't there a "Timeout" setting somewhere?
| Where? If you mean in the proxy's ini file, it is a timeout for
| connections, not for DNS queries (correct me if I'm wrong).
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