[PROXYPER] blocks needed FINAL NOTE

Meij Ewout MSM AD CH ewout.meij at cibasc.com
Wed Dec 23 13:34:00 EST 1998

I will not do them again, thanks.

You please don't forget to send the buff-out files to me, so I can
upload them ;-)

From: WINKELMANS Gunther
To: proxyper at lists.distributed.net
Subject: RE: [PROXYPER] blocks needed FINAL NOTE
Date: Wednesday, 23. December 1998 07:57

Hi All,

Thank you very much for your replies.

The blocks I received from ewout.meij at cibasc.com have been installed and
are being handed out to my clients as we speak.
(don't forget to deleted them on your side, Ewout, or we'll be doing the
same blocks).

To those who suggested to f&f through e-mail: AFAIK this works only for
client-buffins, not for perproxy-buffins, and therefor it was not an
in my case (my perproxy serves about 40 PC's).

Best Regards,
gunther.winkelmans at is.belgacom.be
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