[RC5-PROXYPER] Log file problems

slambert at warped.cswnet.com slambert at warped.cswnet.com
Mon Feb 2 18:42:27 EST 1998

In <079d01bd303a$02c6c7a0$0101a8c0 at mike.mindspan.com>, on 02/02/98 
   at 04:23 PM, "Mike Benna" <Mike at MindSpan.com> said:

>I'm running a personal proxy under linux and it's generating some extra
>log files.  The .INI file has these settings for [desII]:

>Any idea why the pproxy is generating 0 byte files owned by root and not
>containing the year in the filename?  It sure looks like a bug to me.
>Similar strange problems also occur if you try to put the logs into
>another directory, but that's a problem I'd rather solve after getting
>this one cleaned up.

Looks like you're running rc5stats.pl and it hasn't learned the new log
filename format.  At least I think this happened to me the first day they
changed to ccyymmdd.log .

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