[RC5-PROXYPER] New proxy monitor

Paul Leskinen paul at csfi.com
Tue Feb 3 00:17:42 EST 1998

My proxy monitor has been fairly well received. Thanks to all who have
contributed suggestions and bug reports. Because of the warm reception, and
also because I like stats as well as the next guy, I've released a new
version of the monitor. New features include:

Added context-sensitive help.
Bug where blocks credited to incorrect days fixed.
Monitor now compatible with Personal Proxy build 277 and earlier--the text
"blks" was dropped in build 277.
Rolled UNIX and Windows version into one executable.
Monitor now tracks DES and RC-5 blocks separately, and calculates key rates
correctly for both.
While monitor is reading a log file, it displays the "progress" at the

The current most-requested feature is for processing of multiple log files
(due to rolling over of logs). I agree that this is an important feature,
and when I come up with a method that will work for both UNIX and Windows,
I'll run with it. Suggestions are welcome.

If you don't have the program yet (or want the upgrade), visit my home page
at http://www.csfi.com/~paul

Thanks to everyone for their support, and also thanks to the organizers for
putting in a link to my page.

  --- Paul

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