[RC5-PROXYPER] Re: Problems with ProxyMonitor

Paul Leskinen paul at csfi.com
Tue Feb 3 10:04:53 EST 1998

OK, I'm sorry about the error, but I'm happy to report that all is again
well with the proxy monitor.  My apologies to those of you who tried it this

The problem was with the new log format--I wrote new code to handle it but
didn't test it.  My bad.  Anyway, please feel free to get the new version...

  -- Paul

-----Original Message-----
From: Roland E. Lipovits <lipo at telekabel.at>
To: Paul Leskinen <paul at csfi.com>
Date: Tuesday, February 03, 1998 8:48 AM
Subject: Problems with ProxyMonitor

Hi Paul,

There seem to be problems with the new monitor (.exe time 3Feb98
0:45). It shows really silly numbers, if you agree I mail you an
zipped Logfile and Screenshot of Proxy-display (about 100KB


Roland E. Lipovits
<lipo at telekabel.at>

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