[RC5-PROXYPER] Duplicated Blocks

Mitchell Patenaude mrp at sonic.net
Wed Feb 4 06:47:07 EST 1998

On Wed, Feb 04, 1998 at 09:24:00PM +1300, dan carter wrote:
>      Now today i notice that in the last day 137 (mainly 2^30) blocks were 
>      duplicated. The only change of significance is that i upgraded the 
>      proxy to 277b from the previous release.
>      Is there a known issue with the main key servers/proxies handing out 
>      dup blocks, or this a problem with my personal proxy and maybe 
>      clients?

I also upgraded my personal proxy to the 277b-linux-x86 version yesterday,
and have not observed any more duplicate blocks (yet).  I made one other
significant change, I started handing out 2^28 blocks as well as 2^30
blocks. (I have a old Mac IIci working on it, and it takes 15 hours to
do a 2^28 block, or over 60 to do a 2^30).

What OS are you using?

   -- Mitch
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