[RC5-PROXYPER] Duplicated Blocks

Mitchell Patenaude mrp at sonic.net
Wed Feb 4 06:55:18 EST 1998

On Wed, Feb 04, 1998 at 07:28:48AM -0500, Leslie W Pendleton wrote:
> What method are you using to detect duplicate blocks?

A good one on *nix (or NT with the gnu tools package), is 

cut -d, -f4 <file_list> | sort | uniq -c -d

so for instance.... on my system I know that on Jan 14, I had 8 blocks
duplicated because:

[mrp at io pproxy]$ cut -d, -f4 despkey19980114.log | sort | uniq -c -d
      3 000215EC10000000
      3 000215EC50000000
      2 000215EC60000000
      3 000215EC80000000
      2 000215EC90000000
      2 000215ECC0000000
      3 000215ECD0000000
      2 000215ECE0000000
[mrp at io pproxy]$

but none in the last 4 days:
[mrp at io pproxy]$ cut -d, -f4 despkey199802*.log | sort | uniq -c -d
[mrp at io pproxy]$

(The sort step is important, since uniq only checks for uniqueness/duplication
on consecutive lines).

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