[RC5-PROXYPER] Duplicated Blocks

Bryan Talbot btalbot at kidsat.ucsd.edu
Mon Feb 9 23:53:51 EST 1998

Probably doesn't help you any but I haven't been seeing any dup blocks
to speak of.  I just scaned my logs and out of thousands of lines of log
files, only came up with 3 keys repeated one time each.

Looking at my logs a little closer, it looks like the repeated blocks
are not assigned twice, but they are submitted by the client twice or by
two different clients once each.  I'm running several unix machines and
sharing buff-in/out files among them.  Sometimes two machines end up
fetching and flushing blocks at the same time.  Usually there is no
problem, but I do have two cases were the block is logged as being
assigned just once, yet gets submitted as checked twice.

I also have no idea why, but in my case it is very infrequent.

Good luck,

dan carter wrote:

> Well im still seeing dupe blocks.
> (GMT days)
> 5/2 =12
> 6/2 = 2
> 7/2 = 139
> 8/2 = 52
> Does ANYBODY have ideas as to how i can stop this??
> I'll drop back to the 276 proxy today and see if that solves it
> Thanks
> dan
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