[RC5-PROXYPER] Switching to RC5 problem

The Man theman at fallout.dyndns.com
Wed Feb 25 08:09:40 EST 1998

Petr Novotny wrote:

[heavy snipage]
> Now after every startup, the client asks proxy for DES blocks - and
> it receives some garbage! It checks that garbage and then starts
> working on RC5. It could be that the client misinterprets some packet
> from the proxy as a DES packet - but more likely it seems that the
> proxy is issuing some random gibberish and calls is a DES packet.
> [02/25/98 10:15:36 GMT] DES 1*2^20 Block: 00154F84:F8100000 ready to process
> [02/25/98 10:15:36 GMT] 6 Blocks remain in file D:\rc5des\buff-in.des
> [02/25/98 10:15:36 GMT] 3 Blocks are in file D:\rc5des\buff-out.des
> [02/25/98 10:15:36 GMT] Tot: 0 RC5 blocks 00:00:06.26 - [0.00 keys/sec]
>                         Tot: 2 DES blocks 00:00:06.26 - [486110.07 keys/sec]
> What's up?

Your client and proxy are functioning properly. Your proxy picked up the
signals from the main proxies indicating the end of DESII-1. It then passes
this on to clients in the form of very small signal blocks. After the client
gets some of these, it will work on RC5 instead. These signal blocks are the
"garbage" you observed. Fear not, all is well!

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