[RC5-PROXYPER] Newbie want to join but has setup problems with proxy

Herbert Wengatz 2850 herbert.wengatz at ae3.hypo.de
Fri Feb 27 08:39:42 EST 1998

Hi, there!

I've some nice machines at home, which I'd like to throw into the
cracking efforts.

The machines are:

one Dual PPro with 2 180 MHz CPUs, oc'd to 233 MHz, 128 MB RAM
	(benchmarked for the DES with over 1,000,000 Keys/s)
one AMD K6 with 64 MB RAM and 512 Kb Cache
	(benchmarked for the DES with over 800,000 Keys/s)
two AMD 486/133, (both benchmarked with over 300,000 Keys/s DES)

I've a PPP-Over-ISDN connection 4 times a day. I use one of the
486-Machines as Mail-Gateway. 

They are all running under Linux and I have only one official
IP-Address to the outside, which means, none of the three
other machines comes trough to the net. (No, I don't use

The only thing they have in common is a mounted maildirectory.

What must I do, to get an amount of blocks, which my machines
can work on within about 6 hours ? How can I figure the amount out ?

How can I distribute them internally ?

What must I do to get the results back ?

I believe, I must set up a proxy on the machine which is
connected regularly to the net.

Is there a nice step by step howto, what I have to do?
I don't have any databases installed (If they are needed),
and if it comes to the implementation, I'm a big fan of perl.

I've ten years experience in UNIX-Sysadministration, but only
very little spare time, but I really love to throw my own
machines into the effort. So please, can any kind soul help me ?

Best regards,


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