[RC5-PROXYPER] Newbie want to join but has setup problems with proxy

Michael Larocque mlarocque at shaw.wave.ca
Fri Feb 27 10:29:37 EST 1998

On Fri, 27 Feb 1998, Herbert Wengatz 2850 wrote:

> Hi, there!
> I've some nice machines at home, which I'd like to throw into the
> cracking efforts.
> The machines are:
> one Dual PPro with 2 180 MHz CPUs, oc'd to 233 MHz, 128 MB RAM
> 	(benchmarked for the DES with over 1,000,000 Keys/s)
> one AMD K6 with 64 MB RAM and 512 Kb Cache
> 	(benchmarked for the DES with over 800,000 Keys/s)
> two AMD 486/133, (both benchmarked with over 300,000 Keys/s DES)
> I've a PPP-Over-ISDN connection 4 times a day. I use one of the
> 486-Machines as Mail-Gateway. 
> They are all running under Linux and I have only one official
> IP-Address to the outside, which means, none of the three
> other machines comes trough to the net. (No, I don't use
> masquerading)
> The only thing they have in common is a mounted maildirectory.
> Questions:
> What must I do, to get an amount of blocks, which my machines
> can work on within about 6 hours ? How can I figure the amount out ?
> How can I distribute them internally ?
> What must I do to get the results back ?

Hello Herbert,

  1. Get the perproxy for you 'gateway' box
  2. Read the included doc - it's quite complete.
  3. Edit the perproxy ini file. The default is probably ok, execpt
     perhaps for the 'maxblock' settings. Setting it to something like
     500 should be sufficient.
  4. Run the perproxy :)

[I'll assume that you've got tcpip configured correctly and that
you're  using ip addresses 192.168.1.x for your internal network and
that the gateway internal nic's address is]

  5. Set all your clients 'Communication mode' (option 9?) to 'expert
     mode' (setting 5).
  6. Set the 'Desired proxy' (option 10) to point to your gateway box

At this point the client should connect directly to the perproxy for
flushing and fetching.

That should be all that's required. I don't _think_ that I've left
anything out. If you have any problems, let me know.


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