[RC5-PROXYPER] rc5proxy v2b261 Linux

Charles W. Hubbard chubbard at owt.com
Wed Jan 7 06:42:56 EST 1998

Herve Lehoux wrote:
> Hello,
> I've installed v2b261 of the proxy and it seems that my "forcemail"
> option doesn't work anymore... I've flush 600 blocks for wrong email
> addresses now. Anyone can tell me how to set forcemail again.

Unfortunately, I don't have any good solutions to solve you problem but
I do know that the "forcemail" option was intentionally removed from the
261 build. Maybe the only thing to do is revert to an earlier pproxy
version  :(

Charlie Hubbard
Tri-Cities RC5-64 Community Cracking Effort
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