[RC5-PROXYPER] where did they all go ?

Rolf Nilsson rolf_nilsson at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 9 05:49:02 EST 1998

When I came back after christmas, 5th of January, I found a message 
telling me that the machine was out of virtual memory. Even loging in 
was difficult. The first thing I did was to see if the proxy server was 
still running. I was not. It had stopped earlier that same day.

I guess that it have lost connection with the net around the 1st of 
I started the proxy server again, build 2513. It started to send 
blocks at high speed. This went on for quiet some time. When it finally 
went back to normal speed the "Total notifications received:" said 
15284. (There are about 40 machines using this proxy server.)

The next day, 6th of January, I checked stats and found that only some 
2900 blocks were registred the 5th of January.

I had been awaiting somewhat more blocks. Where did the rest go ?

The operating system I use is Windows NT 4.00.1381, sp3.
Keyserver: rc5europroxy.distributed.net

Stats for the 6th of January reported 6610 blocks.
Stats for the 8th of January reported 5371 blocks. 
Rolf Nilsson
rolf_nilsson at hotmail.com

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