[RC5-PROXYPER] error in

Sho Nakagama nakagama at email.njin.net
Tue Jan 13 17:45:45 EST 1998

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Jo Hermans wrote:

> - one of my machines (2x PentiumPro, NT 4.0) had some RC5 block in it's
> output buffer, and the client tried to dump them to the proxy-server. Ok. I
> can see them in the rc5pkey19980113.log file, but the ip-address in the
> file in !! Obviously not correct.

I have exactly the same problem with the linux pp server

> - the blocks itself are stored inside ppbuffout.des (not *.rc5 !)
> - from what I can see in the rc5pcon*.log file, the blocks seem to be
> reported as DES-blocks, not RC5 !

Well, that I dont have a problem with, but I also have the trouble of my
proxy not being able to send the blocks to the server (haven't got enough
DES blocks to see if those send ok).  I finally just set the done
threshold of rc5 blocks to 10000 so the server wont keep trying to send
them all the time.


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