[RC5-PROXYPER] new 2.7 proxy not logging host ips correctly

Travis Geiselbrecht geist at tamu.edu
Tue Jan 13 15:50:26 EST 1998

Definately seeing the same problem on the Linux proxy. The logs for the rc5
blocks are showing The blocks do, however, seem to be stored in
the correct ppbuffout.* file, and the console is showing that they are RC5
blocks. Sounds like a little bug in the socket code. 

At 06:56 PM 1/13/98 +0000, you wrote:
>[01/13/98 18:53:43 GMT] xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa: Client requesting communication
>[01/13/98 18:53:43 GMT] completed 640ce688:40000000, blks 4, id 3
>and in the logfile the ip address is listed as as well.
>anyone else seeing this problem?

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