[RC5-PROXYPER] new personal proxy (OS/2)

slambert at warped.cswnet.com slambert at warped.cswnet.com
Tue Jan 13 18:03:17 EST 1998

In <34BBFEF3.6943E831 at fallout.nws.net>, on 01/13/98 
   at 03:55 PM, The Man <theman at fallout.nws.net> said:

>slambert at warped.cswnet.com wrote:

>> I DID remove the ppbuffout.rc5 file just now.  Same problem.  :-(

>It fixed mine for a while, and I see that it has now started doing this
>again. Sounds like a bug...

Could someone officially tell me what to do with processed blocks?  I'm
moving back to the old proxy now just so we can actually be doing
something.  Even if its the wrong thing.

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