[RC5-PROXYPER] error in

Herve Lehoux hlehoux at adways.com
Wed Jan 14 10:14:06 EST 1998

Jo Hermans wrote:

> Hello !
> I just installed the new RC5-64 / DES II proxy-server (Sparc version), and
> I think there's a very serious problem with them
> - one of my machines (2x PentiumPro, NT 4.0) had some RC5 block in it's
> output buffer, and the client tried to dump them to the proxy-server. Ok. I
> can see them in the rc5pkey19980113.log file, but the ip-address in the
> file in !! Obviously not correct.
> - the blocks itself are stored inside ppbuffout.des (not *.rc5 !)
> - from what I can see in the rc5pcon*.log file, the blocks seem to be
> reported as DES-blocks, not RC5 !

As far as i can say running the linux version : All blocks (rc5 & des) have IP
address in both log files.
however blocks are reported in the good category and stored in in the good
ppbuff files.

This problem with the address breaks all my stats !!!

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