[RC5-PROXYPER] Os/2 proxy's and firewalls.

Wed Jan 14 13:54:56 EST 1998

Well, I'm still having problems with the new proxy 
servers, but diferent ones now. 
The server starts fine, but it can't get through out HTTP  
proxy here at work. The client can fine. 
I've just been through a fairly extensive trouble shooting 
session with trif on IRC, and we still can't find the problem 
Can anyone else here help ? 
The problem. When trying to fetch keys from the server  
the proxy reports: "server packet failed to descramble" 
followed by a "error processing server data. Closing." 
This happens no matter what the uuehttpmode is (1-3) 
if the uuehttpmode is 0, then it says "error sending block" 
(even though it has no blocks to send) 
trif sujested changing the key server from  
us.v27.distributed.net to us80.v27.distributed.net but 
that didn't change anything. There is no httpid setup cos 
I don't need one to get through the firewall.  
If anyone wants it I have an IPTRACE and an IPFORMAT output  
file. from what I can tell (and I'm no experton  
debugging TCP/IP trafic) it looks like the http proxy 
is sending info back to the client. I can mail the  
files to anyone who wants to look at them. 
Any other sujestions greatfully received. 
Simon Crute. OS/2 Support Specialist. 
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