[RC5-PROXYPER] More info about missing IP addresses...

Sho Nakagama nakagama at email.njin.net
Wed Jan 14 10:29:14 EST 1998

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Mitchell Patenaude wrote:

> [01/14/98 14:46:36 GMT] Bad build/cpu/os corrected.
> Notice that it has the proper IP durring communications, but not during save,
> but the part that worries me is the "Bad build/cpu/os corrected".  Does that
> mean that many different fields in the "block" are bad, and are just being
> "patched"?  It it helps the behavior is seen with both the machines runinng
> DES here in my home network, and they're both linux-x86 boxes.

I have exactly the same problem as well, the blocks being reported from a
linux client.

On another note, I did try setting the completed block threshold to 1
(rather than 50) and it indeed seems to get all the blocks sent up for
both DES and rc5.

As others have noted, the problem is  agravating, and the lack of
the forc email option is resulting in about 200 or so blocks not being
credited to my team (someone mispelled an email address, and no one on
my team seems to have any idea who's host it is..arrg).

All in all, for my team, the logging problem is the biggest head
ache as I have a few people who have worked very hard on writing statistic
programs (we have a little contest as to who can write the most efficient,
yet informative stats program).


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